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JIRA helps your team track projects, tasks, and issues as cases. These cases allow you manage changes with your team.

August 25, 2011: JIRA projects are now equipped with Agile Tools for managing your backlog, planning sprints and tracking your team through the entire release process. Special thanks to Francis Ouellette for enabling this feature for all JIRA projects. Learn more

Use this form to request a JIRA Project

Identify the project owner by EMail. This person will be made responsible for the application/user administration of the project.

Identify the project short key name. Use alphanumeric lowercase characters and no whitespaces.
For example, seqprodbio

This is the full name of your JIRA Project.

A short description on the function of this JIRA project so we can highlight this information in our directory.

A classification of your users, so we can better organize and protect the appliance for usage and privacy, now and in the future. There are two types of user access:

  • Internal User Access defines a set of users who are default members of the OICR Network through the Active Directory Server. This includes all users with a email.
  • External User Access defines a set of users who are not already members of the OICR Network through the Active Directory Server. These users do not have a email address.

Provide a list of external users for account setup.
The information we need is (name, email and phone number).
Provide one account per line, separating the information by the comma.
For example, Dr. John Smith,, 416-999-9999

If necessary, describe the date for which this Wiki/Space is to be activated by.

Level One - Public / Unsecured.
Publicly available data, such as:
• Website information about OICR business units, partners and projects

Level Two - Restricted security. Access restricted to internal stakeholders
Data intended for internal use only, such as:
• Procedures and protocols

Level Three - High security. Access restricted to specific OICR internal stakeholder groups
Proprietary data, for OICR use only, such as:
• Internal financial data;
• Grant applications;
• OICR employee/HR data.

Level Four. Highest security. Tightly controlled access privileges, often governed by legislation or policy
Highly confidential data, such as:
• Patient Health Information (PHI)

Add any remarks to help with the processing of this request. In particular, if this request is urgent, please include your special reasons.