Request External User Access to Confluence

At, there are two types of users:

  • Internal users are registered on the OICR Active Directory Server (a directory of user accounts). Internal users can access with their AD username and password.
  • External users are not registered on the OICR Active Directory Server. External users, or their project delegate, should submit the following form.

Assumes the requestor is the project owner. Important note, that JIRA and Confluence Project Owners will be responsible for assigning the new user to their Project and/or Space.

Provide a list of external users for account setup.
The information we need is (name, email and phone number).
Provide one account per line, separating the information by the comma.
For example, Dr. John Smith,, 416-999-9999

These users are referred to by this group name, it might be the Confluence space key or JIRA project key.

Add any remarks to help with the processing of this request. In particular, if this request is urgent, please include your special reasons.

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